Better Clearer Zoom On CCTV!

How many pepole would like to see better clearer zoom for like when you zoom say in to a car number plate you cannot see it as it goes all blocky , We need more clearer resolution on the cameras and more viwing time like unlimited viewing so you can have it running on say an ipad on you desk like some of the other braanded CCTV does, Andthe funtion to be able to press a record button when you are watching live view if you needed too,

There is a limit what you can do with regards to zoom as it will be digital zoom (ie done is software). Optical zoom is preferred but is more expensive to implement and would likely mean a larger product. Also Ring isn’t really a CCTV system as such in the traditional sense. Its an alert based system designed to alert you to motion etc. Continuous streaming would have an impact on internet speeds up and down as the video is accessed via the cloud not direct to the device like an NVR.

I was surprised that for something that is supposedly recording at 1080p resolution, even the slightest amount of zoom leads to immediate pixelation. Even the compressed image in the small screen has less that optimal resolution. It is even hard to make out logos/etc. on a t shirt someone is wearing by your door.

1080p isn’t really all that high resolution one you start to zoom in. Even higher end CCTV systems that are 5mp or 8mp will pixelate to an extent when using digital zoom.

@bemak187 Thank you. I didn’t necessarily realize that. I also appreciate your explanation that these cameras are really designed for motion detection as opposed to perhaps a true high resolution recording camera. That puts expectations into perspective.