Beta Testing Halted?

Good morning. I’m an original Deep Explorer and have done numerous beta tests both hardware and software over the years. I have noticed a complete drop in invites since the pandemic and tried emailing the beta team for an update on whether the program is still going but have not heard back. The main explorer beta site is not looking good at the moment either when logging in as most everything shows “string set was not defined” for every label or data field. Thank you for any information you can provide!

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Hi @djcentinno. Our beta testing team will reach out to neighbors when there are new opportunities available that we need beta testers for. In the meantime, you can explore any open projects from For any follow up, you should email as well as to report what you are seeing on the website when trying to view projects. From there, our beta testing team can let you know how they will address the issue with the website, as well as let you know if there are any opportunities available. If there’s nothing available at this time, they will make sure to let you know. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I am getting the same error on

I tried to email and the email immediately bounced back:

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I’m seeing the same thing. String Not Defined on the website and a bounced back email (address not found) from

Hopefully it’s just on hiatus through the pandemic because I would hope after years of helping with beta testing, they would let us know if the program had ended.

Thanks for this feedback, neighbors. After speaking with our teams here, they’ve let us know that Centercode will be unavailable while we work to enhance the trials program and relaunch it in the near future. We have taken note of your request and will be sure to keep you posted on upcoming beta tests that we have available. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Marley_Ring. From a customer service standpoint, it would have been nice for them to send out an email to the currently signed up beta testers to let them know what is going on.


I agree haven’t heard a word in a while and couldn’t access the site…from emails I did recently, it sounds like Amazon is changing the entire beta program.

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My browser won’t even load it. Getting a message that says “can’t find server.”

Marley, Any word on when it might be relaunched? Also, I hope that Ring will consider reinviting those of us who worked on it for so long. I worked on the beta program from the time it started. I enjoyed it and also enjoyed the discussion among all the other testers. Thanks.

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I would love to continue to be part of the Ring Deep Explorer Program/Trials, as I have been since the first day it was launched. Please let us know once the new program is available so we can continue providing valuable hardware and software feedback to help make Ring the best smart home platform out there.

Ok, so that’s good to know… hopefully we get updated when it comes back…

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I have also been a tester since the beginning. I would love to continue helping the company test. I look forward to this starting up again soon.

Thank you,

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