Best set-up for Ring Stick Up Cam Elite PoE cameras with TL-SG1210MPE


I had been using the router for about a week and my Ring cameras kept dropping out. I bought this specifically because of the auto recovery feature. I spent about an hour on the phone with a Ring Tech and got no where. So by trial and error, I was able to keep my hardwired POE cams up and active 24/7. Below are the settings I used. If you don’t see a page below, it’s because it didn’t need adjustments.

Other info:

  • I am using Stick Up Cam Elite cameras.
  • I have ditched the adapter that comes with them and have just the Cat-6 hooked from the router to the cameras. Nothing else.
  • I have the internet hooked up to Port 9. (I have Comcast but it shouldn’t matter)
  • I have one disabled cam hooked up to Port 7 (haven’t gone out to scan the QR code to set it back up yet).
  • Ports 8 and 10 are empty.

P.S. It will only let me post one picture at a time… Scroll down to replies for the rest.

You’re going to have to set up a second VLAN. Add Ports 1 through 9 to VLAN2, keeping Port 10 in the VLAN1 Group.

  1. Type “2” in the VLANID box.
  2. Check the “Member” box for Ports 1 - 9, leaving Port 10 unchecked.

I changed some of the settings on this page. Just match them.

That’s it!


P.S.S. I placed the TP-Link router on a reserved static IP address within my Comcast router. I’m not sure it matters for this to work, but figured it was germane to the situation.