Been overcharged for Ring protect for the last couple of years

I just got a notification that my “Ring Protect” subscription for 3 cameras at my home would be renewing at $119 in January. We actually have 5 ring cameras at the same location but only 3 are subscribed.

I was very surprised that Ring Protect for all cameras at a single location is actually only $100 per year and I could have been paying less for all 5 cameras! This seems very dishonest on the part of Ring to not have notified me or even automatically corrected my account to the lower rate. I’ve essentially been over paying for 2+ years. Can anything be done to credit me back for the overpayments?

Hi @user70749. There are different Ring Protect plans, with the Basic plan applying to only one device and the Plus plan applying to all devices at the same Location. It sounds like you have three Basic plans for three devices, so you would save some money by swapping to the Plus plan to cover all five devices at that Location instead.

Ring would not automatically change your plan from Basic to Plus as those are two different plans, each with a different price. Changing or canceling a Ring Protect plan is your decision. Apologies for any confusion, but I hope this information helps clear things up. You can reach out to our support team if you need assistance with changing your Ring Protect plan.

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