Battery won’t charge

What is the Reset Button for ?
Received the light a week ago. Charged it to 100% with the USB cord then installed the light. The battery level has been dropping every day since. I have been checking it several times every day and The solar panel is Not charging the battery. Yesterday I even fixed it so I could move the light every hour to follow the sun. Still, No increase in the battery level.
Suggestions please

Forgot to mention. This is a Solar Wall Light

Hi @user26717. If your Wall Light Solar is receiving several hours of direct sunlight per day but the battery is still draining, you may need to adjust some of the settings. In the Ring app, tap the menu in the top left, tap Devices, and select your Wall Light Solar. If you have this device in a Light Group, you’ll need to navigate to that Light Group to find it in the list. From there you can access the Motion Settings and Light Settings.

Under the Light Settings, you can adjust the Light Sensor which controls how the light should act when the area is well lit. Turning the Light Sensor Threshold down will prevent the light from coming on too early in the day before it is dark outside. Having the light come on when it’s still daylight outside can contribute to the battery draining quickly.

As for the Motion Settings, you can control how sensitive to motion your Wall Light Solar is. If you have the Motion Sensitivity set on high, it is going to detect motion more frequently and turn the light on more frequently. This can contribute to the battery draining quickly as well, so turning it down may help. Adjusting these settings as well as ensuring the Wall Light Solar is receiving direct sunlight each day should help keep the battery topped off.

Light sensor threshold is set at 2
Light sensitivity is set at Low
Event history shows the light has only been triggered on 18 times in the last 5 days.
Other than the initial charging with the USB cord, this unit has never seen an Increase in battery level by its solar panel. Battery level only decreases. It never increases.
What is that Reset button for ?

@user26717 Where do you have your Wall Light Solar installed? Is it installed outside under direct sunlight, or is it installed inside and receives sunlight through a window? With several hours of direct sunlight outside, it should receive a trickle charge from the solar panel. It won’t necessarily charge as fast as plugging in the provided charging cable, but it should be sufficient for operation.

The reset button would be used to reset the device by holding it down for about 15-20 seconds, which is a troubleshooting step that can be tried. After resetting the Wall Light, you’ll need to set it back up in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device. If you have the Wall Light in any Light Groups, it will need to be added back to those Light Groups as well.

Ok, I arranged the solar wall light so that I could adjust it every hour to follow the sun all day. I Do Not have it inside trying to charge it thru a window.
At 9am the battery level showed 85%. I moved the solar wall light slightly every hour to follow the sun, and at 7pm the battery level shows 81%.
I think you would agree that we have a defective unit here.
How do I exchange this one for one that works ?

Not a cloud in the sky all day long

And I did push the Reset button and t

And I did push the reset button and then reset up the light in the app

Hi @user26717. I’m happy to chime in here. Since you have tried the basic troubleshooting steps and are still having the same concern give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. They will be able to assist with more in-depth troubleshooting steps for your concern. If need be, they can also replace your Ring device as long as it is under Rings’ warranty.