Battery Spotlights turn off after 1 minute

Is there anyway to make the spotlights stay on longer than one minute? I’ve tried every setting I can find to change the “on” time from 1 minutes to hopefully to something longer, like 5 minutes. Thanks in advance!

Under devices, you should see your smart light group. Then tap the cog and select lights. You can set it from 30 seconds to 5 minutes

Did that. See the image. No matter what I set it to. They turn off at 1 minute.

I’ll try mine tonight. I always keep it at 30 seconds. Mine are wired but I’m interested in seeing what happens.

@fergusoneddie Are you lights linked to anything or are you using the Spotlights to detect motion?

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We are not using the motion detection with the lights. We just turn them on/off via Alexa as needed. The problem still exisits, as the lights turn off at the 1 minute mark. Even though they are set to 5 minutes with the ring app.

Thanks @fergusoneddie – I think that may be the issue. I think you are turning them on/off the wrong switch. Can you please let me know all the settings you have? Feel free to attach screen shots of the device pages.

@Jennifer_Ring See attached pics. I see that the 5 minute time off is linked to motion detection, but we don’t want to enable that. I can not find any other time off settings.

Glad I found this thread again. I did try the 5 minutes and it worked. But what you’re trying to do is different.
First under devices tap your Backyard. Then tap the lights on. Next you should see on the bottom a pop up saying the lights will be on for 1 minute. There is also an edit on the right. Tap that and you can set them to turn in up to 15 minutes. Does this work for you? I attached 2 screenshots.

Eagle328 it worked!!! Thanks so much! Couldn’t find that in any documentation online I could find.

Glad I could help. It’s hard to find. But once I understood better what you were trying to do. I figured it out. Enjoy your 15 minutes of light!

Just saw this as I was wondering about the timing. Once you edit one time, like change from 1 to 5 minutes, will it always be 5 ? Thanks