Battery/Solar Floodlight cam - convert to powered

Hello All

I currently have a Ring Floodlight Camera, with 2 Batteries and a Solar Panel.

This works perfectly during spring/summer/autumn, but in the winter in the UK, the Solar Panel doesnt’ get enough sunlight to charge the batteries.

Is there any option/way that I can either convert the Floodlight Cam to be mains powered, or replace the solar panel with mains power?


Glad you asked, @TheSplodge. The Spotlight Camera Battery version is unable to be converted to plug in or wired power, outside of using the Solar Panel. There is a hardwired kit accessory at, but it is to convert the Spotlight Camera Wired version to a mounted and hardwired solution.

For using a battery powered device during the winter, having the two batteries will help most for extending time between necessary charges. Feel free to also check out our Community post for tips on optimising battery use. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: