Battery rubbish on second charge

Hello, I bought a Ring doorbell 3 in the Prime day sales and it seems okay so far. The initial charge lasted about 6.5 weeks which seems to be normal (assume Rings estimated battery life is if you pop it in the cupboard for 6 months).

But I did the second charge this weekend, up to 100% (reported in app and charge light on battery). 32 hours later I’m down to 72%… no changes to environment, usage etc… just charged and put back in.

Does this sound like a deffective unit? Ring support seems quite difficult to get ahold of so if so I’ll just have Amazon send out a new replacement.

Edit: It’s been 5 or so hours since I posted this and it’s now at 60%… so I’m going to assume I’ve got a deffective unit and will get Amazon to replace!

Hi there, @burg. The rate at which a battery drains can be impacted by many factors. As you mentioned usage, too many motion events as well as frequent or lengthy live views can drain battery. Besides usage, wifi signal interference or even cold temperatures can cause a battery to drain quicker. Feel free to check out our Community post about battery drain for more tips on optimising the charge life. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley, there’s no one out there who can convince me that that a battery life of 4 days is acceptable. Even at maximum settings with extremely high motion events I’d expect at least a couple of weeks!

Regardless we’ve not had any change to settings or motion events since it was charged. 4 days expected this time Vs 50 last time.

Something is obviously wrong with my unit so I’ll get it replaced with a new one this time. Thanks for the response.