Battery Pathlight motion snooze


I have battery operated path lights, which work great and good weather. In windy weather however, the movement of the trees sets off the path lights every couple minutes. Is there a way to completely motion snooze the pathlights altogether?

The motion snooze that I find is only for alerts, not for turning off motion activation. To do this, I have to go into each light and turn it off, and then remember to turn it back on the next day or day after when the bad weather stops. If I’m not able to do this, then my batteries run out very quickly during windy weather.

Any help is much much appreciated

Hi @usercfc. At this time, there is no option to temporarily disable motion detection on Ring Smart Lights other than manually turning it off for each device. You’re welcome to add this suggestion to our Feature Request board, which is what we use to gather and share feedback with our teams here.