Battery only stays charged for a few days

My battery powered doorbell has started to run out after less than a week of full charge. We’ve had some cold weather here (UK) which I know can affect the battery life, but it’s pretty mild now (over 10 degrees C at least). I’ve checked all the settings are optimised to avoid draining the battery too much and I don’t even have the sound enabled as it makes my dogs bark! Anyone had the same issue or ideas how to solve this? Thanks!

Hi @Helenyoung100. Extremely cold weather can definitely impact the performance of the battery, alongside other factors like the wifi connection and the amount of activity the Doorbell is recording. You can find more information about unexpected battery drain here. You’ve mentioned reviewing the settings already, so I’d first recommend bringing the Doorbell inside to fully charge the battery now that the weather has warmed up. Then monitor how quickly the battery is draining on the Doorbell. If this concern persists, please follow up with our support team for further troubleshooting assistance.