Battery not holding a charge

I am having trouble with the battery in a 2 month old solar spotlight. The other night the camera was offline and it did not come back during the day while it was sunny. I took out the bettery and chareged it fully until only the green light was lite and I removed it from the charger. That was last night. Today I took the battery out and put it back in the spotlight and it came back online but gave me a battery warning. The app indicates the battery is at 19% even though Icharged it yersterday and let it off charge overnight.

I see these possibilities:

  1. The green indicator went off before the battery was fully charged

  2. The battery discharged overnight without being conected to a device

  3. The battery indicator in the spotlight is not working.

I guess the best thing to do would be to try another battery but this is my only battery powered Ring device. My other devices are hardwired.


Hey there, @johnbcasey! Is this regarding a Smart Solar Floodlight or a Spotlight Camera Solar? Utilizing two batteries with these devices can certainly maximize time between necessary charges, especially when a Solar Panel is applying a charge to the batteries. As it sounds like you’ve charged this battery for several hours using the USB and a standard outlet, it should be sufficiently charged. If this is regarding a Spotlight Camera, it can sometimes take a motion event or some time for the Ring app to update the battery status, but should have by now. We do have additional batteries available on our accessories page at I hope this helps! :slight_smile: