Battery left or right is now 1 or 2

Has Ring changed their settings on their app? When my battery in my outdoor camera was low it would show which battery was low by battery left or right. Now it doesn’t show that and just shows Battery 1 or 2. So now I don’t know which one is which? Is the left 1 and right 2? Why have they changed it???

I agree that it’s confusing now because battery 1 and 2 don’t match up with the battery level icons on the settings screen. If you are facing the front of the camera, battery 1 is on the right side and battery 2 is on the left side.

Great! That clears up the confusion. I thought updates were meant to improve things for users not create confusion. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the info. I had the same problem this morning.

Same here. Seems like less info to verify which battery to pull to charge. Maybe trying to add reason to buy a solar panel. I have some but not always an option as where camera is located.

I’m not so sure that I agree.
I just put a new battery in right side, my app says that “battery 1” is now 100% “battery 2” is 89%.
But; looking at my dashboard status online, it says “left battery” is 100% and “right battery” is 89%.
Perhaps the online version needs an update???

Whoever decided to change the battery names from Left Battery/Right Battery to Battery 1 Level and Battery 2 Level should be fired! Without the flashing light- which only comes when the battery is really low- the user has no idea which battery is which. Serve the customers who do not always have the luxury of changing batteries when they are at low levels- like seasonal homeowners, owners who use your products that are hours away from the camera and have to change the batteries when convenient, etc. Fire programmers and hire people who actually use the products.

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You are correct, the web dashboard appears to have the labels for left battery and right battery flipped around when compared with the icons in the app. I just noticed that a few days ago myself.

Very confusing - phone app says “battery 1 & 2” – laptop app says “left & right”

Hey neighbors. I’ve passed this feedback onto my teams here so they can make sure the correct battery classification is appearing on the Device Health screen to avoid any confusion. Thank you for taking the time to share screenshots to show what you were seeing on your end. :slight_smile:


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Why was this changed? Left and Right was logical and simple. Now it’s 1 and 2 and people don’t know which is which. It was great and then you changed it. WHY?!?!?!

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Why was it changed? Are you ignoring the question? Did you not notice that was the very last sentence in the post? Your users deserve an answer. Why did you change it?

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That sums up exactly how I feel!!! Called help line someone out of the country stated “1= right hand side & 2= left hand side” I’m to angry to go and remove the batteries to see if this is correct information.