Battery going low on hardwired doorbell

Why is my hardwired doorbell battery showing on 5%? This has just happened since I installed the second Ring Floodlight Camera and linked them together. Both systems are hardwired. Neither one runs off the battery . What happened, what do I do?

I would personally double check your wiring and breakers, just incase something accidently tripped it, or the wire got pulled lose.

Believe me I’ve done that when installing new Ham Radio equipment by accident.

If that doesn’t work, I’d call customer service

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Hello. To add to what RevMatty states. The video doorbells when hardwired only get a trickle charge (about a 10%/day charge with no use) so even if the doorbell is hardwired it is still possible for the battery to drain faster than it can charge especially if its in an area with a lot of movement and/or motion events being triggered.

I would still definitely recommend contacting community support however as they can take a further look over it and determine the best course of action.

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