Battery failure, heat, and no support

I am not having a good experience with Ring. My solar lights (both step and path models) are killing the batteries - both OEM and replacements. But the more significant problem is that Ring support is not helping me. They do not have replacement #18650 rechargeable Li-Ion batteries available for either replacement, nor for sale. Ring support has TWICE told me that my only recourse is to purchase my own batteries. The underlying cause could be the extreme temps of my location - Tucson, AZ. But Ring ring has (so far) been unwilling to offer any help other than, “Go out our your own and purchase new batteries.” I have done that, and the problem continues. I am stunned by their lack of investment in attempting to solve this problem.

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Hi @Cholla19. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not having the best experience with your Ring devices so far, but our support team’s goal is to help make sure your devices are working properly. If you have gone out and purchased new batteries for this device per support’s request and this is to no avail, we recommend contacting support again, and requesting to speak with an advanced support agent, and stating that you are calling in to follow up on an issue you’ve already reported. This should help you get on the right track to update support on this concern to resolve it. Please also note, the operating temperature for both the Solar Steplight and Pathlight are the -4° F to 122° F range, and if it reaches to hotter than that, it could affect the battery and the performance of the device. If it is getting very hot where you live, this could then increase the operating temp exponentially, so I’d suggest mentioning that to the support team as well. Feel free to come back and let the Community know how this follow up is. :slight_smile:

Same problem here. I’m blown away at the LACK of support! I’m told to purchase batteries on my own by Ring Support Team. Most 18650 batteries don’t have the protection circuitry and are about a millimeter too short to make contact. The thing that bothers me the most, Ring is telling its customers to go ahead and void their warranty by using aftermarket batteries!!!

Actually, I’m not having a cold weather issue, mine is that 5 of my solar lights do not get enough daily sun in the winter time to fully recharge. I need to swap batteries about every week or two.