Battery draining fast when subscribed but back to normal after removing subscription

About two months ago, my Ring battery started draining fast and would need to be charged weekly. Before that, it had typically lasted just over three weeks between each charge.

I’ve only had the device a year and my settings are pretty conservative to minimize battery use. After three straight weeks of having to charge it, I decided to cancel my annual subscription.

Since canceling, the battery has been back to normal and maybe even better than before. I still get notifications and it’s still connected.

Any thoughts on what would cause that? Did they start draining the battery to attempt to get me to upgrade to a new device?

Hi @user5460. Your Ring Protect Plan has no effect on your device’s battery, but may impact some settings. If you look at our Help Center Article here, you can see which settings are exclusive to a Ring Protect plan. Having some of these enabled, like Snapshot Capture or Person Alerts, could be impacting your Ring’s battery life, as an example. Try double-checking some of these settings to see what you have enabled and what adjustments you might want to make.