Battery Doorbell Plus Issues

So I had a doorbell 2 that failed after years of solid performance. I was sent a battery doorbell plus that is hardwired with my WiFi rssi signal at 39 which is perfect. My transformer is putting out 18.6 volts and is working fine. I have the settings as far as motion detection and everything set fairly low. But no matter what I’m getting battery drain on it. No snapshots turned on hdr is off it’s not picking up any motion from my street just normal package delivery and someone at the front door just normal things. My doorbell 2 battery always stayed at 100 percent but this new battery doorbell plus will not keep the battery charged even though the voltage to it is fine. Any suggestions? Do I have a faulty unit? Also ring app says hardwired but when I log into the website to get the status it says battery. I’m at wits end with this doorbell any help would be appreciated

Hi @icehawk940. Navigate to the Event History tab in the Ring app and check how many motions, dings, and Live Views are listed within a day. Also, what is the battery percentage draining to?