Battery charging when hardwired feature needed to app

"It would be a good feature to have on the app to see when hardwired if the battery is charging or currently using more power than its charging with as hardwired charging is VERY slow.

Just an idea for a possible future app update. I suggest this when I noticed my battery level was only 4% after cranking all the settings up (120 second recordings without video being cut short if no movement detected).

When hardwired (plugged into mains for auto battery charging) I would expect the equipment to be able to maintain its charge but it can’t. Even if only recording for 2 mins every 20-30 mins for example.

Yes I have both tried removing the battery to usb charge leaving me without a security doorbell. Also tried changing battery for a brand new one.

Results are the same so being able to actually see the battery is taking on more charge would be useful.

HARDWIRED doesn’t tell much.