Battery cam with external power?

Hi I have 2 stickup external battery camera which are set to battery mode, they have a major wake up delay and short record length even though its set to 120sec or 60secs after event I think, whatever the maximum is…
If I plug a external supply into these camera and set to wired, would I be getting the same features/less delay sleep time as my normal indoor wired version?

Also on motion… My indoor powered camera works really well through a window and detects motion perfectly, but side by side the battery 3rd gen doesnt detect 1/3rd that the powered one does…

Any ideas? or answers? The battery cameras are good but seem to always miss events when I need them to work or get the tail end of something. Where im sure the powered ones dont as they are awake all the time?


Hi @554ff200d716ae1e59a6. With the Stick Up Cam (3rd Generation), you can utilize either battery power or plug the Camera in for continuous power. This also allows you to swap the Power Mode, which you can learn more about here, so you can optimize your Camera’s motion detection based on your situation. If you swap the Power Mode, you will need to adjust your motion settings again.

I do want to add that we don’t recommend facing your Ring Cameras directly at a window, as the motion detection can be negatively impacted by the glass of the window. It may work, but you could also run into the motion detection not working correctly due to the glass. I’d recommend trying out the wired Power Mode on your Stick Up Cams to see if that is a better fit for your home.