Battery Backup option for Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Wired

Hi All,
Finally the spotlight cam pro wired is available in my country.

What I don’t understand in any way is if there is an option to also plug a battery as a backup power alternative to the wires.

Apparently not, but I found some other info online.

In the case it’s not possible, I don’t understand why this should be a better option than buying the battery version with the additional wired kit. Isn’t a security system supposed to be always on even in case of lack of hardwired power?!

Also, an additional question: what happens if someone crashes the battery down like kicking it from the top without even showing in front of it? Will this trigger a notification/siren or not?


Hi @zetarun. The Spotlight Cam Pro Wired is a hardwired device and is designed to be hardwired at 100-240V into existing wiring on your home. It is not compatible with the use of our Quick-Release Battery Pack like the Spotlight Cam Pro Battery is. I’m not sure how someone might manage to get to the Spotlight Camera and tamper with it without being picked up on the motion detection, as the Camera is intended to be installed at a height of about 9 feet from the ground. Whenever your Spotlight Cam detects motion within the Motion Zones you choose to set, you will receive a push notification to your phone.

I just purchased two of the recently available Ring Spotlight Cam Pro (wired).
One installed vertical on wall the other horizontal (overhang eave).
Two questions… suggested compatible Wi-Fi extender? Also, these hardwired units included one battery… does the battery re-charge when in device since device is powered hard wire?

Not sure about the pro, but the plus does indeed have the compartment to put one or two batteries. Not sure what good that does if your power is out ? if your power is out and your wifi is out, I think that would only be good if the spotcam stores motion and then uploads when wifi is restored ?

Hi @user38207. You can use a Chime Pro as a wifi extender for Ring Cameras. You can also use any other wifi extender that supports 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz; there is no specific brand or model that we can recommend. Regarding the battery in your Camera, it should charge when your Spotlight Cam Pro is hardwired.

Hi @ghoofie. The Spotlight Cam Plus or Pro do not store any recordings when offline to upload to the cloud once its back online.

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