Base Station Powered by PoE

I think it would be ideal if the base station were able to be powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE). In fact, perhaps you could eliminate the power brick and just ship it with a PoE injector and network cable.

The benefits would be greater than just cabling simplicity, although that is pretty nice too. For those of us with more sophisticated wired networks in larger homes, if we power our network switch, internet gateway, etc. via a generator-backed circuit with UPS and the base station is connected to the PoE network switch, it will be automatically power-protected and connected to the same circuit as all the other important gear.

For those without a PoE LAN, a PoE injector would be no more complicated to use/install than the existing power brick.

As it is in my home, my base station is located where I have the best cell signal, which is on the top floor some 40m of cable away from my network gear. It is powered via a bedroom lighting circuit that is not on my generator’s transfer switch. I know the base station has a battery backup, but it is time-limited (with my poor cell reception, about 8-hours), whereas the generator notionally provides indefinite power.

Would be really good to see more POE products from Ring. There hasn’t been anything new which is POE based for a while, hopefully we see some progress but might be too niche of a market for them.