Base Station - Doorbell Chime


I’ve seen a few old requests about this but wanted to add my vote and see if there was an update.

Is there any plan to allow the base station to work as a doorbell chime?

The Base Station is obviously capable of a wide variety of sounds so this should be possible. It would also be ideal as my Base Station is wired centrally in my house (through the wall) so can be heard from anywhere. I have limited available sockets for additional separate Chimes.

Many thanks


I have this same question. Doesn’t make sense that the base station can’t also work as a door chime for the doorbells. Crazy!


I agree with this 100%

With all the money we have put out on devices, there is no reason we should have to pay another $50 to have a doorbell sound when we already have a device that does sounds for the alarm system


100% aligned
Just bought a ring alarm and i’m now considering buying a doorbell. This sounds like an obvious feature as Ring claims that the app allows administration of all the products. That’s all about cross-integration…. And, marketing guys : such integration is what will make customer buy Ring ecosystem and not leave for another brand.
Please add this (easy ) feature.


Totally +1 here. I have a ring doorbell, but am considering switching because I don’t want to buy a bunch of chimes.


I do not like to have a lots of devices , I do not understand the reason , but it should not be hard to make station works as chime!

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I can’t believe people have to vote for this feature why would you have to buy an additional device that is completely extra when you have the base station. I am very disappointed in Ring and almost ready to cancel and head back to ADT. ADT does not have this same issue and is superior in this respect. Step it up ring team!

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I too would like this feature. 100% software. No need to buy yet another gizmo, block an outlet, use power and manage in the app.

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I am a software developer myself and I would treat this as a bug, not a feature request.

A Ring door bell does not play a notification or open a two way communication channel with either the Ring base station or Ring keypads? That is pretty embarrassing and should be fixed.

I rather return my door bell than getting me yet another gadget!
If they want money from me, I would pay 20.- to unlock this!

Best regards!

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