Balcom HT 8802 with Ring Intercom, permanent door open issue

Hello Ring Community,
after taking over an apartment I am trying to upgrade the existing doorbell system a bit.

What I found out, it is at the front door a Balcom 500-501.
In my apartment an intercom Balcom HT 8802 (is written on the circuit board).

Now I have connected the Ring Intercom. So far it works almost everything.

According to the app, this should connect as follows: sorry can only add one picture

If I do it this way, then the door opener is continuously buzzing, so the door is always open. As if someone would open. When I take out cable A-5 the it’s ok but cannot open the door in the app. Only by button.

It looks to me that the Ring intercom gives a permanent signal to open the door ?

Everything else works so far.

Do you have any idea ? Maybe some different connection ? Or is the intercom maybe broken ?

Thank you



Hi @Thokra. We have a few articles regarding the Ring Intercom that I recommend going over to see if they help. If not, reach out to our support team dedicated specifically to the Ring Intercom for further assistance.

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