Bad Service

Hi Ring,

I hope that you read this. I’ve been waiting since the 2nd of April for a replacement Spotlight Cam. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve called. My emails and messages go un-answered.

I need this dealt with otherwise I shall contact trading standards as well as the press. I will also contact your CEO Jamie Siminoff.

I think that you’ve had long enough to sort this out…

Hi @Rob52. The Community acts as a neighbor-to-neighbor forum rather than a direct line to support, and our support team doesn’t monitor the Community. With that said, I would recommend following up with our support team regarding your replacement Spotlight Cam. They will be the ones that can pull up your account and check on the status of it. When you do reach out, let them know you’ve called them about it before as well.

Since email support isn’t currently available, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.