Bad experience - call center

I have been having issues accessing my camera footage and live stream for two days I spoke to a representative who is called Real C she told me they were doing an update to the camera system that would affect the live streaming and the recordings, however she said it was resolved so I shouldn’t have an issue.

I told her I had screenshot notifications of the issue past the update and she told me there was issues with my cellular phone or Wi-Fi. The security cameras are on to WiFi separate from each other, I checked sporadically over a two day period with the same issues, I also insured I had full or strong cellular strength.

I’ve been with RING for quite some time and this is the first time this issue has happened concurrently for this period of time.

She said she did not have any way to document the issues I was having that I was able to verify and the only way to make an official complaint was to write it down myself somewhere, but I could not speak to a representative about it.

Purchasing the ring product was very easy and I had great experiences with other representatives however the last couple of weeks I’ve had less then remarkable experiences with three representatives two of them were supervisors

Experiences with Ring phone support is mixed. A lot depends on who exactly you get. Early on I had a great representative that even reached out via email to me and eventually sent out a Chime Pro to get things resolved which was nice. Now, however, I think they are not allowed to follow-up via email. Next time ask for a Level 2 technician. Also, keep posting here. The moderators here are super helpful and knowledgeable and so are many of the users. I’m still learning myself!

Hi @KINGSIZE. I’m sorry to hear your experience with our support team didn’t help to resolve your concern. With concerns like this such as Live View not working, there could be various different causes so it can be difficult to narrow it down at first. A good place to start is our Community Post on Live View concerns here, which will have some tips and tricks to try and can help you narrow down what may be causing this. It also depends on what issues you’re having specifically with the recorded events and the Live View, so feel free to provide more details on this and me or another member of the Community may have some helpful suggestions or insights. If you’re receiving a specific error message or anything like that, you can add a screenshot of that in your reply as well.