Bad customer service

That is frustrating, that I have to call you and wait long time.
I am not a caller - I prefer to send a message and have a proof what was agreed.
I agreed over the phone that I will return the items to your shop and asked for the refund. I lost over 30 minutes to discuss and answer 100 questions. Finally I was promised that I will receive an email with postage sticker. 2 weeks ago and I havent receive anything. I do not want to spend more hours on it.

The problem why I decided to return is that Ring is not connecting to live video.
It is located about 1meter away of the wireless router, the broadband is fibre 200MB/s so it is very fast. When I disconnect chime - it is better, but still does not do it/s work !!
When postman is coming - it takes over a minute to connect to speak to him - but it is usually too late. Sometimes it does not connect at all. Useless !!!
After restarting I still can’t talk and I can’t see the person it looks like there is low signal.

No emails, no live chat, no way to send you my problems - tha is why I want to just return it and find something which won’t take more of my time.

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