Awful Floodlight Setup Experience

Bought four floodlight battery devices from Setup was only successful with two of the four. The other two remain offline. What a truly awful setup experience. So sad, especially since my first Ring doorbell died an early death due to premature rust. What a waste!!! DO NOT BUY RING

Sorry to hear about this @Mavdoggy ! At your convenience, can you please try two more times on one of the Floodlights? After the second failure (pressing try again once), there will be a button to try recovery mode. Please follow the prompts on the screen to remove batteries, insert them again, and hit “next” in the first 10 seconds after inserting them. This will trigger recovery connection that may help. Please let me know what happens after you try these tips. Thank you!


Thank you for the help, although I do not get a recovery mode button after the second try. I have tried both the lights I have and a couple of types of phones. I get stopped connecting on an iPhone and it tells me to check Bluetooth.

On Android I get to the calibration stage then tells me the light is offline and offers a try again.

Hi @rkp2k to confirm, you’re experiencing what @Mavdoggy posted about as well? Can you please provide a bit more information?