Automation routines for non-voice device users

I’m very interested in merging over much of my smarthome to the Ring platform, but the one thing holding me back is the ability to set up automation routines. I currently have the Ring alarm system, door and window sensors, and then a SmartThings hub for the lighting and locks in my house. What I love about the SmartThings hub is that it will let me set up automation routines for when to turn on and the outdoor lights during the week vs the weekend, turning everything off at a certain time during the week, etc. My favorite automation is that when it detects motion outside from the Ring doorbell sensor, it turns on lights inside. Until Ring has this ability, I’ll have to keep straddling platforms, and am unwilling to switch.

Additionally, I have no plans to ever get an Alexa/Google Assistant because it’s not something I’m interested in.