Automatically Show Video on any device I choose

I simply want a setting where anytime the bell is rung or motion is detected that it automatically opens to a live feed on whatever device I want it on.


Look for the RAPID RING app! When you get a notification with rapid RING it will bring the camera up within a few seconds! I use this all the time…It’s a companion app to the RING app.

The Rapid RIng app is only for phones and tablets, it won’t work (for example) on the Echo Show. Apart from that, it still requires a) taking phone out of pocket (or wherever), b) unlocking the screen, c) swiping to get the notification (at least for Android phones), and d) waiting a few seconds for the feed to appear. This is all *far* more effort than it should be, and far more effort than is required for other WiFi doorbell apps.

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