Automatically send a pic when camera motion is triggered

It would be extremely valuable if Ring cameras (inc doorbell) could send a single picture when motion is triggered. Multiple send methods (email, sms, Ring app) are preferred but if only one, then email would be the most important (because we can automate getting an email pic where we need it).

Most of your customers are purchasing Ring devices, espically cameras, as a way to improve the security of their homes. Without having this feature, all we have is the ability to see what happened 5-10 minutes ago. So as an example, in a robbery, all we have is a picture of who was there and is now gone. This isn’t helpful to anyone, except maybe the robbers.

I’m spending my time to provide this feedback because I’d like to see Ring succeed, but if you don’t start improving the functionality, many of us will be forced to turn to more competitive solutions.


Hey @smC0der404. I recommend checking out our new feature, Rich Notifications! You can learn more about this feature here.