automatically arm itself?

Does the ring system automatically arm itself when I leave the house? Or does it need to be manually turned on and off?

Glad you asked @cwbeck! The Alarm system can be controlled via the Ring app, your Keypad, or even an Alexa enabled device with the proper skills set. One of these options will need to be used in order to arm your Ring Alarm system in any armed state. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

What I was asking about is does it automatically arm when I leave the house? I have Canary cameras, and they know when I am home, or when I have left, and record (or not) depending on that. Does Ring do that? The technology is available, just want to know if Ring is taking advantage of it! Thanks!

At this time, the Ring Alarm does not arm based on Doorbell or Camera activity, schedule, or user location. There are various ways to arm Alarm such as the Ring app, Keypad, Alexa, or even an integrated compatible smart lock. Otherwise, this would make for an excellent request in our Feature Request Board. If you see the request already added, feel free to add your thoughts and interest in comments, as we frequently share these with our teams here! :slight_smile: