Automatic Sound When Motion Detected

Ring should have an option to allow an automatic noise/statement to be transmitted via the Ring speaker if it detects motion. We’ve had Ring cameras for a number of years now and really enjoy the product. That being said we have also had our cars broken into late at night where we sleep through the notifications. I feel a noise alert or a pre-recorded statement by the Ring owner sent out via the camera during the detected activity could deter a potential thief. Let the customer choose if they want that option on or off just like the other features you all provide. I imagine this request will get lost in the overwhelming amount of feedback you all receive… just want this company to evolve and grow and this option is a big win in my book. “We prevent break-ins, not just record them.” New slogan too.

would be a definite upgrade. , diversion for package thieves for those of us (most of us). any sound at the device may send a package thief running if he becomes aware there is a camera in play.