Automatic retry of wifi

I have two homes. My California home has multiple sensors linked to my ring alarm plus a lot of cameras. My alarm lost it’s wife connection and has been running on cellular for over a month now. Camera’s all work fine so I know WIFI is ok. Since I am not on site I have no way of resetting the alarm system to link it back up. So I am now blind to all the health of the sensors. Ring has assured me that if something get tripped it will result in the central monitoring to call me but I can’t control my locks via WIFI. I wish that ring would keep trying to reestablish the link and do away with me having to push a button to repair the device.

Poor design for a security device. 50+ devices automatically reconnect on my mesh network during reboots / outages - except the Ring Doorbell. Beyond poor to have to press a button - this thing needs to simply automatically reattempt connects indefinitely. How on earth would the product manager not be seeing this as a glaring hole in the design? Stop citing RSSI issues - keep attempting connection or fix your code, because NO other device has these issues in my network.