Automatic person detection when doorbell pressed not working on Alexa Show

We recently purchased Ringdoor bell and have managed to connect it to all our devices including the echo show.

If we ask the alexa show to connect to the ring door bell it will show us the live view, however, if someone presses the door bell or approaches the front door the alexa does not alert us, we only get alerts on our phones.

I have double checked the settings on alexa.

We have the Alexa show ticked under announcement devices.

Also the toggle next to motion announcements and doorbell press announcements has been enabled.

I have also tried deleting ring from Alexa and un-syncing it and reinstalling everything but this still hasn’t worked.

I’ve tried contacting someone at ring but got through to someone who couldn’t completely understand me due to the language barrier and then suggested I contacted Amazon themselves.

Hoping someone here can help, would appreciate any help we can get.

Hi @user69567. Make sure the Ring app and the Alexa app are both fully updated, and check if your Echo Show needs to be updated. Then, verify that you have Doorbell press and motion Announcements toggled on according to the instructions here. Each Echo device will need its communication and Announcements features enabled, and the Do Not Disturb feature turned off. You won’t get Announcements for any shared devices.

If this feature continues to not work, we have some troubleshooting steps for the Alexa integration here. However if the issue persists, and your Ring Doorbell works fine in the Ring app, then the issue would be isolated to Alexa specifically and you would need to contact Alexa’s support.