Automatic live view not displaying

My ring doorbell 4 automatically display live view on on my echo show and announce notifications but when comes down to the 2nd echo show I only get notifications announcements and no automatic live view will not display. This is ticking me off! Info and device names below :point_down:

Ring doorbell 4 (I do have ring subscription)(is not hardwired and it runs off battery pack)
Echo show 8 2nd generation 2021 (automatic live view works and announcement work. Login in Amazon account and login in my mom ring account with the ring subscription)

Echo show 5 (gives me the announcement but it will not automatically display live view.) (login under my mom Amazon account and info her ring account as well.)

Hi @bonjovifan. I’d recommend checking to ensure you have all of the settings for the announcements identical between both Echo Shows in the Alexa app. If the Live View still doesn’t automatically display when someone rings the Doorbell, try disabling the announcements on the Echo Show 8 and leaving them enabled only on the Echo Show 5. This will test out of the automatic Live View will display on the Echo Show 5 without any other devices potentially conflicting with it.