Automatic live view feature not working

I am new to ring but not new to home automation. I am having a issue. The live view works when I request it via the app however it does not work when someone is at the door automatically. It worked once or twice. I wonder if any one can help.

Sorry I should have added that would like the automatic live view to display in Echo Show. I have enabled the setting ‘Announcement and Live View’ in alexa app for Echo Show and also downloaded the Ring Skills…

Hi @lordabhi. I checked with my team on this concern, and we found some steps that should help you get the Live View to automatically display on your Echo Show when motion is detected. Try these steps listed below.

  • Open the Alexa app
  • Tap on More (bottom right corner)
  • Select ROUTINES
  • Tap the + (upper right corner)
  • Tap on ENTER ROUTINE NAME, name your routine, and tap Next (upper right corner)
  • Tap WHEN THIS HAPPENS, select Smart Home, locate your Ring device and tap on it
  • Tap on MOTION
  • Tap on toggle (button) for DETECTED, tap Next (upper right corner)
  • Tap ADD ACTION, scroll down and locate and tap on CUSTOM
  • Type in: Show Front Door Camera (substitute “Front Door” for your actual camera’s name)
  • Tap Next (upper right corner)
  • Tap CHOOSE DEVICE (select the Alexa device with a screen that will auto-start video when motion is detected)
  • Tap Save (upper right corner)

I hope these steps help! :slight_smile: