Automatic arm/disarm when Geofence enabled


Is there a way to automate arm/disarm Ring alarm based on geofencing like Abode system?

Automation would be like:

  1. when first phone enters geofence disarm ring system.
  2. when last phone leaves geofence arm the ring system.

Can we use Alexa or another service to have this automation?

I would also like this feature, rather than the Geofence sending us reminders to turn cameras on and off it would be nice if we have the option to turn cameras on and off automatically with the Geofence.
I had this option on an older camera system and it was very useful.

This would be a very useful feature. It is hard to remember to Arm Ring alarm when you leave home.

Ooma security has this feature. When both (spouse and I) are outside the perimeter the security system would arm and when we enter the perimeter it would disarm automatically.

Yes this worked on my Smartthings system which I switched to Ring From due to issues with sensors and cameras.

It also worked in the basis of multiple people living in the same house

Eg if one person left the geo it wouldn’t auto arm, until the second (or last person) left the geo.

Pretty standard stuff if you are going to implement a geofence in the first place! So I thought.