Automatic activating and deactivating motion detection fields

With regard to motion detection fields – Is it possible to create one field and have it be active 24/7, but create a second field that is only active at certain times? Like … midnight to six am, for example? And have it activated and deactivated each day automatically, not by having to turn it on and off?

Here’s why. I have two cameras that face a street. My 24/7 motion detection fields basically extend only to the edge of my yard/sidewalk, and that works fine for me. However, one night recently, someone broke into a neighbor’s car. It was parked along the street and might have been in view of my camera. But I hadn’t captured anything because it wasn’t … in my yard.

I know I can create a second field that includes the street, but if I do, I get notifications all the time with people jogging, walking their dogs, etc. during the day. I just want to capture motion if it occurs in the middle of the night … and without having to activate and deactivage the motion fields every morning and evening. Is this possible now? If not, could it be a future improvement?