Automated Ring support attendant hangs up on me after I verify my account

You need to fix your phone system! I have tried calling the Ring support number 5 times today and each time after I verify my account, it disconnects. Super frustrating when I need support!

I may reconsider using Ring if this is how you support your cusomters!

Hi @user32234. This should not be happening. Feel free to send us a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter and one of our agents will be able to look into this for you.

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Happened to me too. Two separate days, 4 calls each day. Literally hangs up right after the automated voice gives the final, “calls may be monitored for training.” Click. Terrible!

Hi @user35068. I’m sorry to hear you weren’t able to get connected with our support team. It’s possible the phone system was experiencing some technical difficulties, or the connection wasn’t good at the time. As @Tom_Ring mentioned in his reply, you can also get in touch with a member of support by sending a private message on Facebook or a direct message on Twitter @Ring. We can also help with general troubleshooting questions here on the Community, but any account-specific questions should be directed to support. :slight_smile:

This happens to me every time. Forced to go through the long automated menu, only to verify my account and get hung up on immediately. Wild to me how this is clearly a widespread issue, and the only thing support continues to say is “must be a phone issue” and “reach out via faceboook”… how is this not fixed yet? Is it because you don’t have enough support employees to accommodate calls, so you force this issue to make people use other avenues to contact? Regardless, for this expensive of a system, it’s unacceptable to not be able to reach a human for support… thanks for taking our money and then not being able to help.

And oh by the way, your Facebook support is just as bad. Automated responses and zero help or contact with a human. Facebooks support is sending links for how to setup the system and suggesting you to call the number that constantly hangs up on you. What a huge waste of $1200. Will be returning everything.

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