Auto-Shutoff won't save settings

I have two solar floodlights in a group. In the “light settings” section I have the option to change the Auto-Shutoff period. It’s set to 30 seconds, but when I click any other option such as 3 minutes it says “settings saved” but reverts immediately back to 30 seconds. This is using the iOS app.

Update: It turns out it actually is saving the settings, the app just reports the wrong time. If I select 3 minutes and hit save, the app will show that it’s still 30 seconds. However, if I go test out the light it will stay on for 3 minutes.

Hi @octane. Check the app store on your phone to ensure you have the latest version of the Ring app installed. If there is no update available from the app store, which version of the Ring app are you currently on? Do you have an Android phone or tablet to test this setting on?