Auto Lock Doors

Loving my Ring alarm so far! The system seems rock solid and has been working great. I would love to see an option to have the door locks autolock after the countdown delay.


What an excellent idea to further automate security. Thank you for the feedback !


Great suggestion! I also would like to see this feature added. I am pretty good about locking up when leaving house but my wife and kids forget at times so this would be great as a back up.


I’ve been able to make this work through Alexa and Smartthings. Not the best way to do it, but so far its working. Have to use alexa to arm the system though.


I would like to see a feature to automatically lock the door 5-30 seconds after the Ring door sensor has sensed the door is closed.

The locks built in autolock is a no-go for me as sometimes you have the door open for awhile, talking, coming/going and don’t want the deadbolt thrown. . …but since Ring can sense when the door has been closed, it could lock the door afterwards.


Fantastic thought there @SVLowlander ! Alexa routines allow for some great automation such as locking at a specific time or for a specific reason. Hey @SonofLiberty82 , you seem to have some firsthand knoweldge with this integration, wondering if you have any insight as to how one could obtain this?

You’re right about the Alarm components indicating status changes to the Base Station, and we are definitely working on some integrations that should take full advantage of this. Thank you for sharing with us!


I will take a look. May be possible with IFTTT. Right now Alexa can see the door contacts but can’t run any routines based on the status of the contact sensor. If so, she would be able to Lock the doors when the sensor is closed.

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I take that back. Alexa is now letting me use the status of the door sensor to lock the door. You can set a delay and have it only work during certain days of the week or time frames. Hope this helps!


I don’t have Alexa, Dots or Echos.

My thought is that in Ring Devices, specifically the smart lock device setting, that one could select the sensor that is attached to the door of the lock, and then either enable or disable auto lock feature.

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Hopefully they will have native integration at some point to do that. You should still be able to do it with Alexa, even though you don’t have any devices. Just download the Alexa app and link it to your Ring account and it should work

I was about to post asking how to have Ring lock all doors when armed. I guess the answer is that the system can’t. We don’t go in the basement a lot. It would be great if I could be assured that the basement door was locked when the system is armed. It seems so obvious I am shocked that I can’t do that.

Came from Yale (Google nest) version which can lock the door automatically after 5 minutes. Surprised that we can’t here. Are we going to have it later?

Any instructions to make it work? Really appreciate it!

Another vote for this feature. Ring Alarm knows when the door is locked, so it could automatic lock the door for you to keep your home secure, regardless even of being armed or not (I wouldn’t want my door open even when I’m home).

Hi there, neighbors! We appreciate the continued feedback. As we value our neighbors’ experience, we’ve created a Feature Request Board. Feel free to add your ideas or requests there, as well as add interest on other requests, as our teams check these requests often. :slight_smile:

You can.

Here is how:

Create a new routine, name it what you like “Auto Lock xx Door” for instance where xx = door name
Click next
In When This Happens click +
Select Smart Home
Select your door sensor (has the name of the door next to a sensor icon shaped like a white box with a circle in the middle and emitting a signal out the top)
In When Contact Sensor is…, make sure Close is selected
Click Next
Where it says Any Time you can select Edit and select the times you would like this routine active, leaving default 12a - 12a will make the routine active all the time
While setting the Active time you can suppress the routine for a specific time, I don’t use this and do something different (below)
Select Add Action
Scroll down to Wait
Set the Wait time I use 5 minutes, this means after the door closes the door will not lock for 5 minutes
Select Add Action
Select Smart Home
Select All Devices
Find your door name with a keyhole icon, select it
Select “save” top right corner

Hope you enjoy this setup, to me it’s a must have


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