August lock integration

Don’t hold your breath.

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Do you not find it disturbing that after dozens of comments and more than a year later, you still have no update? Do you not care about your customers? Can you at least be honest and tell us whether or not this will happen? We’ve all been very patient and respectful, but perhaps we need to be more public with the lack of response and broken promise. Perhaps we need to take to Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to complain about the inaction and total dismissal of customers. Would that get a response?

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Nope. Did that and nothing happened.

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Any update?

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Another disappointed ring customer wanting to see this promised integration. This is surprising since ring customer support has been good in the past. I’m starting to think this will never happen.

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You can currently add a zwave August lock, I have the 3rd gen pro model… but I will tell you from experience that it will eat your lock batteries alive. I got to the point of replacing batteries weekly before completely disconnecting ring. Not connected to ring, my lock has gone 2 months without low battery warning.

If ring could somehow figure out how to link to August locks via the August hub, that would work better because the hub uses Bluetooth to communicate to the lock which is why the battery lasts so long


Thank you for this feedback, neighbors! We also appreciate you sharing your experience with August Locks and Ring, @TechGuy42.

We are always working to add and improve on devices, features, and integrations. I’ll go ahead and share this feedback with the team to once again reinforce the interest in this functionality. Fee free to check out our Feature Request board to see if this has been added there.

Wait…you mean you want us to create a feature request for a feature that has already been claimed and promised???


I also have the Ring video doorbell and security system with door, fire, and CO2 sensors. It would be great if the 3rd Gen August Smart Lock Pro would connect simply and consistently with the Ring Z-wave system.

How do you set it up?

You need a Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus module, they are green and insert into the Yale, RL, SL locks where the Wifi/BT/Homekit module goes. It will disable Bluetooth function, but them you just follow the directions for setting up any Z-Wave device. If you already have it associated to another Z-Wave hub, you will need to exclude it, remove it from that network and then add it.

It will work but it will eat your batteries every 2-3 week for no reason even with no use of the lock at all. Ring says it’s August’s issue,‘August’s says it’s Rings issue. The sad thing is that someone actually knows why, just not customer support.

You actually got the AUGUST CONNECT to work with the Ring base station? i.e., the open door/confirmation magnet module functions correctly? The best I have gotten is to add the locks via Zwave+ directly as clients to the base station, but you lose all secondary app (August/Yale Connect) support completely. I even tried back door, using SmartThings Hub as the ZW+ Host and connecting it as a client to Ring Base Station and linking via Alexa to my devices there. Tried similar with Zigbee and another $50 per module, hosting by Echo Plus, connecting to Ring as a client and through skills. Tried IFTT & SumpleCommands, aka Kloee, as well, still no dice. The “support” for August Connect is an outright lie, or poor proofing, because it DOES NOT WORK, not even with Yale’s latest, top dollar model AFAIK. Best I have seen is 100% control via Ring, with loss of useful features, including being able to make any changes on the locks settings via app. Everything has to be done via master code at the lock itself, navigating and confirming manually thru the 1-9; *✓ keypad, even with the newest touchscreen model that Google uses rebranded for Nest Protect, except it ACTUALLY seems to work correctly on Google’s platform. Sad really, when companies announce support for something and then silently downgrade their specs or just never get to really integrating the features they promise. As you can tell, I am a little extra upset today… Just discovered the Intel NUC on my new $2500+top of the line 16Gb ram Surface device, which states support (as does Intel specs) will not stream PCM above 16 Bit, even though it claims 16 channels available and shows support for 24 Bit audio at 192khz. In fact, it won’t even put out 3.1 channel, either severely crippled 5.1, crippled 7.1 or stereo. Even my $180 Echo Studio can handle 24 bit multi-channel audio. So sick of these companies throwing up BS specs & silently downgrading them a year+ later. This should be illegal, these corporations at best have garbage QC, at worst straight lie to fatten shareholder pockets, knowing most consumers have no protections and zero recourse.

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Unless you spend more money on equipment you probably don’t need (like me), it will never happen. They keep talking integration. I’m still waiting. I just want to unlock my door while watching the camera.

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Would like this integration as well

I was able to pair my August lock to the base station using Zwave and it was working last night where I could unlock/lock from within the Ring app. As of this morning, it is showing a status of “Unlocked” even though it is locked. It seems as though it’s no longer syncing correctly to the base station. Is there a fix for this issue?


how did you pair the ring and the lock?

In the Ring app, I added a new device. Selected locks and access controllers and then selected the zwave option. Then I selected add manually. Then switched over to the August app and selected the zwave settings. I was able to follow the remaining instructions in the August app and pair the two devices together. It worked beautifully that night but then it completely broke the next morning. The Ring app would consistently show the lock as unlocked even though it was locked. The August app would throw me in a continuous error loop when I try to access the zwave settings again. I had to do a factory reset on the August lock and then force a removal of the device in the Ring app.

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Has August integrated yet?

I still can’t believe, no integration for over a year now after announcement. That too by a company owned by tech giant Amazon. I am sure they have engineers who could do this integration while partying on a yatch over pacific.