August lock integration

I have my 3rd gen August pro unofficially connected as a manual zwave lock if anyone is trying to connect yours.

It works sometimes, usually it says it’s unlocked when it’s locked and then it won’t work for a while.

Im curious if there are plans for official August lock integration?


Hi @TechGuy42, I have informed the team here of your interest in an August Lock integration. I currently do not have any updates but if any other neighbors are also interested in this specific integration, please reply to this thread to let us know. We will continue to update you with more information as it comes in!


As an owner of both an August lock and a Ring Door View Cam I am also very interested! =)


I would love it too!


Please implement this integration


I find it odd that you’re looking for our support to have the integration added when Ring has already announced that August integration will be coming later this year - see Although, I’m extremely skeptical considering Ring’s promise of HomeKit support that’s gone unfofilled to this day.


What’s your point? It’s announced but not implemented. I’d like to have it implemented.


Sorry Nds, my reply was directed to Riley_Ring. I clicked reply on their post expecting it to be quoted. I see that I need to click the Quote button to have it added.

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Got it. Great point. Ring should follow through on its promises.


Any update on August Lock Pro integration with Ring? I also have August locks and would like to be able to add them to my Ring system.


When will Ring integrate with August Locks? As mentioned it was announced at CES in January. I have 3 August Pro’s. Please advise?


It appears to be there, but I can’t get it to work. I have a Yale 226 with Zwave. If you do an Add Device in the Ring app (Connect via Ring Alarm), you can add this lock. But it says to tap my master code on the lock followed by “#7#1#” where I presume # is the “gear” button on the lock. However, after I enter 7 (the Network Module Setting menu), I have no 1 option, only 3. 1 is to add the lock to a network (according to the instruction pdf) and 3 is to remove it. I probably don’t have option 1 available because I already set the lock up to work with the August app. Do I need to remove the lock from the network first?

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Ok let us know if you can get it to work. I’ve tried to install August with Z wave And it didn’t work. It added the lock but no functionality and now I have a lock on my app that shows “disconnected” but I can’t remove it. I even had 2 calls to customer service. So I think I’ll wait until the integration comes out.

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Hopefully when it is integrated it can still be used with the August app. I like some of the app features and wouldn’t want to lose them.


Please integrate with August! I have my “ring” of security almost complete! This would take it to another level if I could connect to my 3rd gen August Smartlock Pro.


I have a Yale connected by August lock that uses the August module as well as HoneKit. I’d love to see Ring integrations with either (preferably both!)


Yes, please. I am in the Ring/Alexa universe for alarm and security cameras. Integrating August lock will complete all practical integration for security purposes.

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Same here!

I have the August Smart Lock as well and would love to see this integration! I’m “All Ring” - doorbell, alarm system, cameras, smoke/water/co detectors – the August lock is the only smart device missing!

Yes I’m interested. That’s why in Jan this year I bought August locks because Ring said they were going to integrate with August. Now it’s strange that you don’t have any updates and it’s 11 months later?

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