August Lock Integration w/ Ring Alarm

Please implement the proper integration with August locks, that you have already promised to have, over a year ago. I can’t believe that putting this in the “Feature Request Board” New Ideas makes any sense since its a feature you claimed to be already working on…but in any case, there it is.

Several people have been requesting this integration for many many months (even though it was promised more than 15 months ago) in other categories in the Community. It would be nice to know the status of this integration. At this point, Ring customers are owed at least the courtesy of a response. Thank you.

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Nobody from Ring is paying any attention to this stuff

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Sad but true. Ring customers have been begging for this feature since it was promised long ago. No response on a timeline or even whether it is under consideration. Sad.

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Rings ground level support is about as bad I have ever seen. I like the products, but the service and engagement is laughable.

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Where is the support? This is badly needed and was expected a long time ago.

As support for august smart lock pro please

Much like their promise to bring HomeKit support. That was the main reason I chose Ring over the competition years ago and now obviously it’ll probably never come since they were purchased by Amazon. That probably also explains issues with customer service which they used to be fantastic with.

Time to ditch Ring and their lame promises.

Is there an update on the August integration that was announced over a year ago? I have a Yale Assure lock (connected by August) that I would like to use to arm/ disarm my ring alarm. This is a critical feature of my home security system that is lacking. The features of the connected by august lock are in my opinion the best available, so I’m not interested in losing the august functionality by installing the zwave module.

I’m also awaiting the August/Ring integration. Bought the Ring Doorbell with the promise of integration.


Same here. STILL waiting.

Any update on the
August/Ring integration? I just put in an EMTEK Empowered touchscreen lock and want it to talk with my Ring security.

Hello, I am owner of a Ring DoorBell Pro and August Lock Pro 3rd gen. I think it would be awesome if I could unlock August from the Ring app on my phone.

I connect mines and it works

Please add August smart lock integration

Amen. It’s been two years promised.

This request has been made repeatedly over a couple of years by different users and no one has been able to get an update on whether Ring intends to satisfy its customers with this feature. I am posting again in the hopes of getting a response. Is this feature planned or should we just give up? Thank you.

I have been wanting for this one as well. I would at least like to be able to setup IFTTT to disarm the Ring alarm if August is unlocked. I have found no solution yet.

Adding the ability to unlock door locks when disarming ring alarm or via ring app
The ability is available by voice with code but no routines are able to unlock the door locks because it has to be by voice and code.