Audo in Doorbell 2 and Floodlight Cam

Can someone please help me!! I have 2 cameras and both cameras are very choppy when it comes to the audio. Both keep breaking in and out and it’s starting to become very frustrating. My wifi router is pretty close to both cameras. My Doorbell 2 is connected by the battery not wired to the doorbell. Is anyone else experiencing this or how I can fix it???

Hi @martinAM7, have you tried giving your router a reboot? If you can, try power cycling your router by turning it off for a few minutes and then turn it back on to see if you notice a change in the audio!

I have done that already.

@martinAM7 It seems like you may be having some lapses in connection then, which we can figure this out to see if it’s the culprit by looking at your RSSI. Check out our Community post here to learn more about your RSSI and how to optimize it for the best video quality.