At least give me the *option* to pin-protect the app!

I’ve seen a couple other folks post this request, with the lame answer that they “want the customer to feel at home” and “not have to log in and out every time they use the app.” At least give the OPTION to PIN-protect the app. My home address is right there on the dashboard of the app! If, for whatever reason, the customer can’t PIN-protect the phone, then someone with the phone not only has the ability to control the system through the app but also has the home address. What kind of security is that?

I have the same request. Too easy to activate a mode change “alarm” on app accidentally.

It needs to be an option. Some may not want it.

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Agree. If you are forced to disarm the alarm from your app you won’t have the option to use the duress code which would immediately alert police. Really need to have the option of requiring the passcode to change alarm mode.

I’d settle for fingerprint or facial recognition login in the app rather than pin or option to chose which one.

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Absolutely, need biometric / passcode to unlock.
viewing personal details MUST NEVER be on view for all to view and must only be viewable once re-authenticated.