Assisted Dog Buttons

I think that a great addition to the ring line would be a dog button.

This dog button could be placed at any door (or different buttons at different doors) and connect to the ring system.

When the dog pushes the button, ring would activate letting the home owner know that the dog needs out to do his/her business.

The device could also link with Alexa, sending a notification thru the whole home system.

Many people know that dogs are often used as service animals for people. Being their eyes, their ears or even emotional support. But did you know that it’s estimated that 5-10% of all dogs in America are deaf (or partially deaf)?

I recently rescued a fully deaf dog that is the sweetest boy you could ever imagine. However, because his original owners didn’t know he was deaf, he was chained to a porch and left there because he was “a bad dog that didn’t listen”. As such, he was never properly potty trained and lets face it… Not every person understands what a dog is saying when he/she wants to go outside.

By having a dog button, the dog would be able to let everyone know that it’s that time. Something that would help these buttons would be a light up function as well as audio. This would help both dogs and owners, even if one or both of them suffer from blindness / or deafness.

I understand that many of you are busy with all the other cool new gadgets like drones, and robots and stuff. Don’t get me wrong, those are great things that bring a lot of joy to people, I just hope that you can consider something like this that can be life changing for pets and owners alike.