Assign motion schedules to mode

It would be nice if we could allow motion schedules to be assigned to specific modes, for example I do not want my security camera to notify me of every movement when we are home, I expect there the be movement around the house during the day when we’re in (which I’m doing with the ‘home’ mode and a movement schedule on the camera). However, I would want to know about any movement when we’re away (currently I have to disable the motion schedule in addition to changing to ‘away’ mode).

This is exactly what I would like to see on the ring camera

currently we set HOME mode setting to turn notifications off as otherwise like you mention if would be sending us messages all day long when it detects any movement

we then switch it to AWAY setting when we go to bed and have set up to receive all notifications for any movement. Obviously it’s a case of having to remember to do this every night and then changing back to HOME in the morning.

Not ideal but it’s easier than having to change mode and also changing the schedule which it sounds like you are doing.

The option to have a schedule for each mode would fix this .

Agree agree agree! Come on Ring. Get this done!