Assign a motion schedule for each Motion Zone

Please consider adding a function to the Ring app allowing users to set an independent custom motion schedule for each Motion Zone. Currently, only one motion schedule can be assigned to a device, even if multiple zones were created. This means all of a device’s Motion Zones are activated or deactivated simultaneously.

Customized motion schedules for each zone grant users the ability to choose the times that each Motion Zone will send a notification, lessening the number of unwanted motion alerts. During the day, for example, I’d like to only get motion alerts from the Motion Zone covering the path leading up to my front door. I don’t want to be notified of the many people walking past my house on the public sidewalk. At night, though, I would love to have a larger Motion Zone that covers not only this path but also the public sidewalk and my driveway.

Since the latest Ring app upgrade ended the ability to activate and inactivate Motion Zones, I must create a larger Motion Zone every night and delete it every morning. It would be wonderful to have each of my Motion Zones respond to an individualized schedule.

I’d appreciate any consideration you make toward adding this functionality to the Ring app.

I agree, also the ability to adjust the motion sensitivity in each zone.


I came here to look for this.

What is the purpose of having different Zones if they cannot be set up differently? It makes no sense.

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I would love to be able to adjust all of the settings per zone. For instance, I want one of my zones to be people only.

Same here. I was looking how to setup a schedule for different zones so I could have only monitor the front entrance during he day but a wider area overnight.

I really do not understand the point in creating different zones if you cannot manage them and schedule them separately.
Unless it is to hopefully be ready for this much needed enhancement!

Agreed! Is it possible to toggle ON/OFF motion zones without deleting them? If not then may I suggest it? That was my original question, and your suggestion to add a schedule to do it is when better!