Ask Alexa to snooze motion detection on camera

Can we please have a skill to ask Alexa to snooze motion detection for X min for any of the cameras? There is the feature in app but I had ideally want to conveniently control it over voice.

Use cases: kids going in backyard to play and we need an hour worth of no alerts.

Expecting lots of guests for a dinner party and avoid all motion triggers and announcements that would normally run at night.


Hi @Newrix. Upon some further research, it looks like this this question was also asked the Ring subreddit here. I recommend taking a look and seeing how other neighbors responded, as you can set up things like Do Not Disturb or routines to snooze announcements when you say something like “Alexa, I’m letting the dogs out.”

Thanks for the response Chelsea. It’s not exactly a solution. My issue is how to trigger motion snooze in app via voice.