As usual cant connect to wifi


So Im having problems connecting my ring chimes to the app. I have 4 pcs 1st gen and 4 pcs 2nd gen. at 1 point all of the 1st gen are working and all the 2nd gen were working too. what happened is that there was a black out which is frequent on where i live and after that they wont connect anymore. so here are the stuff i already tried that didnt work.

-i tried to delete them from the app and then add again
-i tried to reconnect with the app
-i connected to someone elses wifi and then tried to reconnect back at home
-i have 2.4ghz router which i also tried and i used all the channels nothing worked. i was so determined to make it work so i tried everything but no luck.
-i tried “resting” them for months and trying again but no luck
-i tried reinstalling the app
-i tried a new phone
-i tried a different phone both iphone and android

i have alot more smart devices at home. even china brand stuff with no problems. the only device that isnt working is this. the doorbell itself doesnt have any problem. i have 140sqm home with 5 google wifi routers, its pretty much full bar inside the house. the only one with bad signal is the doorbell outside.

Any suggestions? getting desperate here. :frowning:


Hi @karlpox. To clarify, which Ring devices are you trying to connect to the wifi? You mentioned both Ring Chimes and a Ring Doorbell. You can locate the specific device name on the Device Health page in the Ring app. Knowing which device we’re working with will help me provide the correct troubleshooting steps.

hey @Caitlyn_Ring

my bad i forgot to mention it. but its 4x 1st gen chimes and 4x 2nd gen chimes so 8 devices. only the doorbell itself can connect to the wifi/network and we get notification via phones and alexa devices which are a bit delayed.


@karlpox Thank you for clarifying. This is a lot of devices to connect to your wifi network, so I’d recommend running a quick speed test to verify that you have sufficient upload and download speeds. After that, bring one of the Ring Chimes near the router, and plug it into a working outlet there. Hold down the reset button on the side for about 15 seconds, then attempt a new setup in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device.

If you receive a particular error message during the setup process, we have some troubleshooting steps here that may help. Should you still be unable to get your Ring Chime set up in the Ring app and connected to wifi, please reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here. You can also get in touch with our support team on Facebook @Ring by sending a private message with a few details.